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Hey! Welcome to the Blog of Eternal Damnation! Here's where you will see all the latest crap about the Web's hottest Speculative Fiction ezine, Bambi's Eschatological Underpinnings. And every now and again, just for sport, we just might include a little bit about Fiction Inferno: the Literary Magazine that Burns You Up.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Live from Eugene, Oregon!

A new SEO blog has erupted from the volcanic forests of Eugene Oregon. Eugene SEO, read it, make fun of it, inflict it on all your friends.

posted by Max E. Keele 11:54 AM

Monday, February 07, 2011


This is kind of funny

A bunch of years ago, I gave a brief quote to a nice woman named Moira Allen who was writing an article about writing called "Five Mistakes that Spell Rejection." She published it online, and MAN this thing grew legs. My Google search just now found 428 instances of that article or references to it. Jesus Pete. It's even been translated into French (Cinq erreurs menant au refus). I sure hope Moira gets a nickel every time somebody stumbles across it.

I also wish I had her luck/skill/connections to make that sort of viral thing happen on purpose.

posted by Max E. Keele 10:13 AM

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