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Hey! Welcome to the Blog of Eternal Damnation! Here's where you will see all the latest crap about the Web's hottest Speculative Fiction ezine, Bambi's Eschatological Underpinnings. And every now and again, just for sport, we just might include a little bit about Fiction Inferno: the Literary Magazine that Burns You Up.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Okay, then. Things are different, now.

Crystal Houser died. There is a non-profit foundation in her name dedicated to helping Oregon families get through the process of caring for a transplant patient. The Crystal Foundation.

My job has changed in strange and challenging ways. My brain hurts.

The Little Pink House is no longer Pink. It is now Taupe, and much easier on the asthetic environment.

I haven't written anything for a year.

There is an insane administration in charge of the world's only superpower, and it is destroying the world, and the voters say things like "Oh, sure, they lied and misled us to start a tragic and unnecessary war their friends profit handsomely from and many, many people died or are horribly mutilated and all, but hey, that other guy might not do much better so we better not change anything." *sigh* We are in a world of trouble, my friends.

I got a guitar and am trying to learn to play. Mostly, it annoys the neighbors.

We adopted two cats, who are cute little buggers, but frequently possessed by evil demon-cat spirits.

Fiction Inferno, one year gone; a great run. I enjoyed every minute of it, and am sorry it couldn't go on forever. Still, all things have a natural life-cycle and it is wrong to push anything past that.

Some thoughts on the magazine:
  • There have been 14,893 unique visits since the last release for a total of 56,200 in the magazine's history. That's a lot of eyeballs.
  • Many of our authors have gone on to make a lot of noise in the speculative fiction arena. We are proud of them all.
  • Even though the thing has been dead for a year, I still occassionally get submissions from people who apparently can't be bothered to read the magazines they are submitting to, not even when it is free, and available from any internet-connected computer in the world.
  • The internet needs more quality speculative fiction. But it's somebody else's turn.
That's it. See y'all around the next bend.

posted by Max E. Keele 10:56 AM

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